The Cannabis Reporter Enters Content Licensing and Distribution Partnership with NewsBank

Under the new deal, NewsBank, a leading provider of news and
information serving academic, government and research institutions and
libraries, will aggregate and distribute The Cannabis Reporter’s
original content to its subscribers and institutional clients for
educational purposes.

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#CannabisEducationlt;/agt;–Principals of The Cannabis Reporter, an educational, cannabis-specific
online publication and producer of the award-winning syndicated talk
radio broadcast titled The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show, are pleased to
announce that they have signed a content licensing and partnership
agreement with NewsBank,
a leading aggregator of news content for educational and research
purposes. Under the new partnership agreement, NewsBank will distribute
The Cannabis Reporter’s original
to its subscribers and institutional clients in multiple
markets, with exclusive distribution rights in the academic, military
and government sectors.

“We considered it an honor to be approached by NewsBank and can’t think
of a better way to repurpose The Cannabis Reporter’s educational
content,” said The Cannabis Reporter’s publisher and co-founder, Star
Simmons. At the time Simmons was first approached by NewsBank, she
learned that the company’s editors had been watching the progress of The
Cannabis Reporter for several years before initially proposing the
licensing partnership. The timing of the agreement also coincides with
the launch of NewsBank’s newest content offering, which will focus on
cannabis education.

“The Cannabis Reporter is an outstanding addition to our new product,
Cannabis NewsBank,” said Jim Draper, Executive Vice President, NewsBank.
“It provides important coverage of the cannabis industry and the people
who are making and shaping it.”

In addition to distributing feature articles and other editorial content
pulled from The Cannabis Reporter’s current feeds and archives, NewsBank
will also be aggregating the recorded interviews and transcripts of The
Cannabis Reporter Radio Show, a weekly broadcast hosted by the
publication’s co-founder and editor Snowden Bishop. The award-winning
producer, journalist and former anchor of NBC affiliates in Missouri and
California debuted the radio program in 2016 with an editorial mission
to empower advocacy and engender widespread acceptance of cannabis
through awareness-building content that appeals to mainstream audiences.
Shortly thereafter, The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show became the first
all-cannabis talk program to be syndicated for national radio
distribution and was named “Best Radio Show” and “Best Podcast” in the
2018 Best of Cannabis Awards.

Interviews with notable cannabis activists, entrepreneurs, innovators,
policymakers, celebrity advocates and other influencers explore ways in
which legal cannabis is transforming the field of medicine, revitalizing
state economies, restoring depleted farmland, improving social justice,
helping to reduce opiate abuse and inspiring innovation to transition
away from fossil fuels and forest resources. Guest highlights include
Mexico’s 55th President Vicente Fox, recording artist Melissa Etheridge,
hemp activist Micah Nelson (Willie’s son), veteran TV personality Montel
Williams, NORML founder Keith Stroup, U.S. Congressman James Comer
(R-KY) and Super Bowl Champion Marvin Washington, to name a few.

“We are convinced that cannabis is key to solving so many perplexing
problems facing our society today,” said Bishop, who has been writing
about cannabis since 2010, when she first learned about the
environmental benefits of hemp. Realizing that the pervasive cultural
stigma remained a major barrier to the federal policy change needed in
order to unleash the potential for cannabis to address these problems,
she intentionally geared the editorial focus on issues-oriented topics
that would appeal to cross-generational audiences of all levels of
awareness. This approach also ensured that the unconventional and
often-controversial subject would be suitable for their eventual
transition to mainstream radio.

“It’s impossible to grow a congregation by preaching only to the choir,”
Bishop mused about the strategic decision to approach talk radio
stations. At the time, there were very few stations that would accept a
show about cannabis, and very few cannabis programs that could appeal to
the sensibilities of primarily conservative-leaning talk radio
audiences. Rooted in the belief that educating audiences about cannabis
is an important public service, she explained, “Radio offered the best
platform to reach the more skeptical and unaware among us, who wouldn’t
go out of their way to learn about cannabis online.”

This strategy is what makes the partnership between The Cannabis
Reporter and NewsBank such a great fit, according to Draper. After
carefully vetting a potential source of content, NewsBank uses its
extensive distribution channels to help it reach a wider audience. Users
value this service for the high quality of the content included, as well
as the powerful search capabilities and user-friendly interface.

“Our goal is to provide essential information about a fast-growing
industry, and the inclusion of The Cannabis Reporter helps us achieve
this,” Draper said. “The power of Cannabis NewsBank is that it allows
our users to quickly access the information they need most to make
decisions and compete successfully. Our customers in many sectors—legal,
business, consumer, government and more—have found significant value

The Cannabis Reporter has chronicled some of the cannabis industry’s
most exciting scientific revelations, technological innovations,
commercial developments and advancements in the ever-changing regulatory
landscape in its original features and interviews, which will provide
valuable resources for researchers, students and anyone else seeking
information about cannabis.

“We feel fortunate to have recorded the insights and recollections of so
many of the industry’s most prolific trailblazers, who have been – and
are still – shaping the history and future of cannabis, which has become
what is arguably one of the most important and transformational emerging
industries of our generation,” said Bishop. With so many important
interviews having aired before The Cannabis Reporter had amassed the
number of followers it has today, she explained that partnering with
NewsBank will enable their voices to re-emerge from the archives and be
repurposed for education and research. “It is immensely gratifying to
know that NewsBank will provide a second life for their valuable

About NewsBank:

NewsBank, inc., has been one of the world’s premier information
providers for more than 46 years. NewsBank’s comprehensive Web-based
research collections satisfy the diverse needs of public libraries,
colleges and universities, schools, government libraries, genealogists,
professionals, researchers, nonprofit organizations, and others. For
more information, see

About Cannabis NewsBank:

Cannabis NewsBank aggregates cannabis-related news and information from
over 12,000 sources, from the 1970s to today’s news reports. Sources
include many cannabis industry publications along with local coverage
from every state in the United States, as well as from
Canada and countries around the globe. NewsBank created Cannabis
NewsBank to address the specific business and information needs of those
working in the fast-paced cannabis industry. For more information, visit

About The Cannabis Reporter:

The Cannabis Reporter (TCR) is an award-winning media outlet, which was
launched online in 2015 to raise awareness about the medical,
environmental, economic and societal benefits of regulating cannabis.
Sponsored by Sunstate
Technology Group
and Cannasphere
, and with the support of a variety of advertisers, media
partners, advocacies and industry partners like the Growers
who align with TCR’s educational and editorial objectives,
The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show became the nation’s first all-cannabis
talk program to achieve network syndication in the terrestrial radio
landscape shortly after its 2016 debut. Hosted by award-winning
producer/journalist Snowden Bishop, the weekly broadcast features
compelling interviews with many of the cannabis industry’s most prolific
trailblazers and thought leaders, including scientists, medical
professionals, policy makers, celebrity advocates and other public
figures with compelling stories to tell. TCR offers unique, value-packed
marketing opportunities, including its all-new Pro Series Podcast Series
featuring sponsored interviews, which are available to qualified
industry stakeholders, experts and business executives.

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